why wont my clock work when hanging on wall?

I had a AA battery operated clock hanging on the wall it worked for about a year I have changed batteries several times and it will quit after a few minutes but when laying down on the table runs fine. I bought a new one figured this one was done for and the same way works when laying on the table but stops when hanging on the wall. These are clocks meant to hang on the wall. Why wont they work?

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6 Responses to “why wont my clock work when hanging on wall?”

  • Terry G:

    Check the hands of the clock. It could be possible that they are too close to each other and getting ‘hung-up’ on each other, therefore not reflecting the correct time.

  • jen:

    You could check the battery holder, make sure the battery isn’t slipping out while you’re holding it up. If it is, just bend the positive lead a little bit to get a tighter fit.

  • Webster:

    It takes more energy to run the clock when it’s upright. Either that or the gears have stripped and only lock together when the clock is on its back. Try holding the clock face down to test the last. You may need to replace the motor and you can pick those up cheap at any craft store.

  • Kandace:

    I have the same problem…Webster, can you explain why the same thing might happen on a new replacement clock, whose gears are likely not stripped yet?

    I’m flummoxed…new battereis, same thing happens. 2 separate clocks only work when lying down flat. They work for a short bit when hanging, but then stop. The hands aren’t touching, so not getting tripped up. Battery isn’t slipping. Batteries are brand new. It’s a head-scratcher!

  • clare:

    battery operated clock which is fairly new will not work when hanging on wall but will work when lying on table

  • Lynn:

    Same problem. Apparently no one knows the answer! Second time this has happened (two different clocks). Weird!

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